New Independent Poker News Site, Subject: Poker

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Thomas Bakker and I have started our own independent poker news site, Subject: Poker. You can read our launch announcement for more detail, but I’ll provide a more opinion-based description here (since it would be inappropriate for me to publish my opinions on a news site).

For a long time now, I’ve been completely unsatisfied with the news provided by the established poker media. They are funded primarily by the sites that they are meant to cover, and as a result, they just blatantly skew their coverage to suit the interests of their advertisers. They exercise their bias aggressively by choosing not to cover important stories, misrepresenting facts, and indeed, lying. As if that wasn’t enough, they also make a habit out of getting things wrong in general. (I made a post on 2p2 a year ago about this that showed examples of all these things. I encourage you to read it.)

Since Black Friday, a lot of really important news has come out with almost no coverage from the old guard. See, for example, Scott “Eleven Grover” Bell’s excellent article on what’s been going on at Cereus since Black Friday. None of the incredibly important news stories discussed in that article received adequate coverage in the established poker media.

So, Thomas and I founded Subject: Poker to right this wrong. First and foremost, S:P is independent. We do not and will not take money from the businesses and people that we’ll be writing about. (In fact, we currently simply don’t have revenue. That’s fine with us. We’re not trying to make money from this site, and we don’t expect to.) To provide great content, we’ve built a great team of writers: Scott “ElevenGrover” Bell, Michael “Mookman5” Corriveau, Isaac “ike” Haxton, Brian “ZBTHorton” Horton, Karak, and Nate “Nate.” Meyvis. Needless to say, we’re pretty thrilled that these guys are working with us. They’ve all got some great ideas in the works.

At least at first, I’ll personally be editing every article on the site and vetting all the facts. So, if you like this blog, you’ll probably like the site.

Of course, it will be news and not opinion. So, I’ll still be using this blog to publish my opinions and some other things that don’t belong on Subject: Poker. In particular, I know a lot of people are waiting for me to finish my Life as a Poker Pro by the Numbers series, and I do plan on finishing that at some point. Subject: Poker is a ton of work right now, so don’t hold your breath, but do know that I have lots of data sitting on my hard drive, and I plan on using it at some point.


So, yeah. Check out Subject: Poker, and follow us on twitter to learn when new articles go up.


  1. Huge addition in Scott Bell, he’s a heck of a writer. I’m looking forward to this site being a viable place for news in all thing poker. Thanks for puttin’ it out there N

  2. Subject poker is awesome. Ill bookmark it!

  3. I love poker.. but it’s getting more difficult to play online, when poker rooms are getting shutdown all too often.

  4. Well, this turned out to be about as good, if not better, than you’d have expected from Noah. Great additions in Diamond Flush and all the other contributors as well. WD Subject: Poker

  5. Looks interesting, ill bookmark and have a look!