If you would like to reproduce the work contained here, please ask me first and I’ll probably say yes. For example, a few people have asked to translate some of my posts into various languages and put it on their respective web sites, and I think that’s awesome. I of course gave my permission for free with very limited restrictions. It’s pretty damn flattering to learn that people are so interested in what I have to say (though it’s certainly not the best way to contain my already-inflated ego).

But, a much larger group of people have reproduced my work without asking me. Please don’t do that. It’s cool that you want to spread this information, but I own this work, and I have a right to control its distribution. I’m particularly bothered by people who are taking credit for my work and/or earning money from it without my permission. That’s pretty shady.

So, yeah, if you want to reproduce my work, just ask. Now that this message is up to make this clear (not that it should be necessary…), I’ll be calling out any future plagiarists.


(Of course, if you just want to post a brief quote or paraphrase on a blog or forum, feel free. The plagiarism that I’m talking about is pretty blatant. If you want to post a link to my blog on your web site, a forum, your blog, your facebook page, your twitter feed, or some social network that I’ve never heard of, that’s awesome, and I would like to buy you a beer.)


  1. How do we ask for permission if your email or any other contact info is nowhere to be found ? :)

  2. Noah Stephens-Davidowitz

    noahsd (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Dear Noah,

    I would like to translate some of your articles (especially the Lifes as an online MTT pro…) to hungarian language if you allow me.

  4. Drop me an email please… Would love to repost this..l