Request for Data

I’ve got more stats posts in the pipeline (i.e. more of these: 1 2 3). I don’t need any extra data for any form of STT (9-max, 6-max, HU), so I think I’ll either do 9-man SnGs or some bankroll stuff next.

However, I do need some additional data for the following games: NLHE FR (50 BB+), PLO HU (50 BB+), PLO 6-max (50 BB+), LHE HU, and LHE 6-max. (I can use my own data for NLHE HU.) If you’re a professional with a lot of hands played at any of those games, please get in contact with me. You can PM me on 2p2 or deucescracked or e-mail me at noahsd (at) gmail (dot) com. Please mention what games and stakes you play, what site(s) you play on, how many of your own hands you have in HM (you must have HM), and your winrate.

You won’t actually be sending me your hand histories, so you shouldn’t have any ethical or privacy concerns. (I’ll just give you instructions to dump the data that I need to a spreadsheet.) You can remain anonymous if you’d like, or I can give you a shout out if that’s your thing.

If you’d like to see me analyze any other type of games (PLO FR, various forms of CAP, various forms of stud, O8, etc.), let me know. Keep in mind that I can’t do anything with games that aren’t supported by any tracking programs.


  1. Hans Christian

    Need data on 100NL, 200NL and 400NL 5-handed?

    • Hi Hans,
      Thanks for the offer, but I think that 5-max games are similar enough to 6-max games that I won’t bother to treat them separately.

  2. I posted the link to your post and a bit of info on what you’re looking for in the HS PLO low content thread, hopefully someone gives you some good data.

    • Thanks, Jahed! Thanks to you, I got my hands on a pretty sweet PLO dataset.

      It’ll probably be a week or two before I touch PLO, though.

  3. I ended up here from the link in the HS PLO thread. I just spent hours reading a bunch of your posts and just wanted to let you know that your blog really is awesome. I was an engineer in a former life, so I really appreciate your analytical approach to dissecting topics. I am really excited to see your statistical analysis of PLO cash games!

  4. It’s my first visit in your blog.
    I really love it!
    Good work!

  5. Happy to hear it, Noah. Can’t wait to see what you come up with about this crazy game we play!

  6. if you want to use 100nl for FR, i have 1.2mill hands played in about a year